Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Reactions to "a free country"

To everyone that has responded to me by e-mail and phone, thank you very much for my support. to those critics who say, somewhat simplistically, "you should pay your taxes" - think about it.

Specifically, council tax is about paying for services, including the police. In any other walk of life, if you pay you something, you have a right to get the service you pay for and if you do not, you have a right to withhold payment - and any court in the land will stand up for your right to do that.

But council tax is different. Not only do you have no rights to any service - and there is no functioning complaints system (have you ever tried to complain about WYMP, even when their officers break the law? I wish you luck) - but if you dare to withhold payment, you go to jail.

By any measure this is wrong, wrong, wrong. And the reason the government gets away with it is because WE let then. But I'm not suggesting you go as far as I do and go to jail - I did not intend to go to jail. But there are more of us than there are of them, and the only way the system works is because we co-operate - WE comply - like good little girls and boys, we do as our masters tell us, even though we hate the system and know it is wrong.

This is not the creed of free men and women. It is the creed of slaves... of whimps. what you do is "block the system". You don't pay on time... you pay irregular amounts, at odd intervals, you write letters, you miss signatures off cheques... there are a hundred and one ways of messing up the system, without ever pushing it too far. Without our active support, the system collapses.

Anyhow, I'll leave as a sample of the responses, one comment I picked up off a discussion board, in response to a critic who said "pay your taxes":

...everyone retains the right to act as they please, as long as it does not infringe on the liberty of others. i would say "yea, aviod tax, get fucked" but he is making an importantpoint that the pigs dont solve crime, they raise cash. last month, three blokes wearing balaclavas and with ten inch kitchen knives burst into my house threatening to torture me, as they had been wrongly informed i sold coke (i fucking hate thestuff)

They took two days to come round, and the cid didnt turn up to take my statement (my first one mind) for two and a half weeks they could have got life, but becaus ei was an art student, and had no cash (=power) they didnt give a shit.

The pigs in this country are no better than the organised criminals that run bristol, or parts of london. they are thugs with no intention of keeping any peace or protecting ant innocents (unless theres a headline in it for em)

Why should we pay for these cunts? i dont pay for the crack heads in st pauls, so why should i pay for the pigs? or the military? i might do if we lived in a working democracy and i could actually do something about it, but that aint the case..

Police brutality, racism and corruption is a serious issue, that even the main stream press and govt regulators are acknowleding.

Why arent you?
Not the words I would have used, but I completely endorse the sentiments. I have been told or seen written hundreds of such stories, and been involved in some, which is why I chose not to pay. And it is not just the police but the council as a whole, corrupt, inefficient, expensive and each year they put up the bill.

SO WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR SOMETHING WE SIMPLY DO NOT GET. There is something serious wrong with a system which regards debt collection as more important than catching criminals and keeping the peace or, in more general terms, doing its job at a reasonable price.


At 6:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new labour scottish/welsh "united kingdom" occupation government are not my government.
Why any self respecting ENGLISH police officer would do the The new labour scottish/welsh "united kingdom" occupation government's is boyond me!
fuck tony blair fuck prescott the despot fuck brown fuck
fuck darling fuck cook to hell with the lot of them!

At 11:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes you think that Council Tax is a payment for a service? It is simply a tax. I don't like paying tax for lots of reasons - the money is wasted on things I disagree with, but if everyone who disagreed stopped paying we would have anarchy. That is why no government can allow anyone to get away without paying. On the other hand other debts are much easier to avoid. Just ask anyone providing a service. But don't mess with the inland revenue or the council tax department

At 12:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, these days the Police are a law unto themselves, with the Association of Chief Police Officers dictating policy to both the Home Secretaries(past & present)and to Parliament itself,and implementing suggestions as if they were already statute law.This goes on daily, until such time as they may be challenged.
Firstly the 1919 Police Act should be repealed, placing the local Police authorities back under the control of each Town/City Council as previously, instead of being Home Office servants as is presently the case. They would then have to be more accountable for their actions,and face reprimand if their authority is abused , as is now the case.
A point of interest; Back in 1997, Parliament decreed the banning of handguns, and ordered that the last day for handing in was October of that year.However Richard Childs, the then Chief Constable of Lincolnshire, decided to order all handguns in his domain to be surrendered by JULY.

When complaints of his preemptive decision were notified to Parliament , the question was raised in debate in the House that same day,.."Who decides policy in Britain? the C.C. of Lincolnshire, or Parliament?"
The result was an admonition to Childs and the continuance of gun ownership until October.
Therefore, it is necessary to both challenge Police performance, and if needs be withold council tax portion going to Police funding.
We are paying for a service, and expect the job to be accomplished with courtesy and respect for the customer/employer,..Joe Public.

At 10:53 pm, Anonymous StitchUp said...

what you do is "block the system". You don't pay on time... you pay irregular amounts, at odd intervals, you write letters, you miss signatures off cheques... there are a hundred and one ways of messing up the system, without ever pushing it too far.

Other ways are to rub a white candle (if it is white paper) on a part of the form that states "For Offical Use Only". This makes it impossible to write in that space. Avoid any lines or print.

Another is to send a letter pretending to answer a letter from officals. Give your letter a reference number. Make up a ref. number for the invented letter. It's better if you say that their letter is an inadequate reply to an earlier query (invented) from you to their dept. This makes them run around searching files for your 1st letter & their reply. Make sure to impress upon the officals that your query is very urgent. Also, be vauge as to the nature of your "original" letter. Make up ref. numbers & dates for both letters. Be consistent, it's more believable that way. With luck, you can drag it out for months! :)

At 11:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you had seven lumps of shit kicked out of you or god forbid, you were murdered, the money that you've given to the police via tax, would be eaten up within the first few hours of the investigation.

We're not perfect I admit but that's because society is in such a mess and the government want us to churn out reports and figures as opposed to targeting the real issues in the different communities and giving the scum a taste of their own medicene! We are the only thing between you and the scum who would kill you for £1.


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